Helping your business is our main goal. We are continuously improving our infrastructure so you can have the absolute best dedicated server hosting for your ventures. We strive to be your partners, not only service providers. We make sure your sites are always online by offering FREE DDoS protection with all our dedicated server packages.

Welcome to Onlinebizzsuccess, We Deliver Dedicated Servers in Minutes.

Remove the costs of in-house IT infrastructure while reinforcing scalability and performance with Onlinebizzsuccess’s dedicated servers. Our dedicated server solution provides clients with on-demand firewalls, load balancers, network infrastructure and raw storage they need to fuel mission-critical business plans and applications.

We operate from two datacenters; in Miami, USA. You can choose from these two high-performance Tier 3+ quality, security controls and fully redundant data centers that meet the highest level of expectations. Our Support will work with you to comprehend your requirements, configure your environment and effortlessly migrate your data and servers.

Who we are...

Onlinebizzsuccess was founded in 2010 with an aim to provide a definitive user experience with incomparable customer service, flawless consistency, and extraordinary innovation. Jelle Maes, the founder of ID, has built this company with a mission to create an unparalleled dedicated hosting company with a complete focus on delivering a rock-hard hosting platform to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Having started with just 2 servers in a small datacenter. The ideology that Onlinebizzsuccess’s strength and growth would be directly proportional to the strength and growth of its customers has been a key player in developing the company from 2 servers to own private cages in datacenters in America .

What we do?

We control your server so that you can control your business! There are lots of companies in the hosting space that rent you access to their computing infrastructure. But your business doesn’t rely on infrastructure alone to be online. It takes into account a diverse range of specialized engineering skills to build and manage not just the infrastructure, but also the voluminous intricate applications and tools that run on top of it.

When other hosting providers will tell you it’s your responsibility, Onlinebizzsuccess, will take you by the hand and show you how things are done. We provide superlative (managed) hosting solutions because we believe that redundancy and uptime are mutual responsibilities, not just a liability for our customers. And every customer that we acquire, has easy access to our unique service.

Buy Virtual Private Server

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Solid-State Drives (SSD)
  • cPanel
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Private Networking
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Plans starting as low as $ 25.99 /mo

Buy Dedicated Server

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Built-in Backups
  • Enhanced Security
  • DDoS Attack Protection

Plans starting as low as $ 139.89 /mo

We have a variety of services and features.

The tools to help you scale.

Create, automate, and manage a robust infrastructure with features like our API, Floating IPs, Shared Private Networking, and Team Accounts.


Number one safety feature of any runing site/service is the ability to be restored it if anything bad happens to it therefore we provide offserver automated daily backups


All current used software needs to be updated in order to keep up with current growing technology/exploits/bugs so we make sure your server and its services are up-to-date every day of its use.


Big response times, slow loading, general server response all represent a big criteria in customer satisfaction so our optimisation methods result in a faster server response.


Our monitoring system is the main problem and bad optimisation sniffer, a critical component of the whole managed server service.


We provide general security solutions, tips and suggestions in order for your server to be safe, secure and reliable.

Easy migration

Server environment is hardware-independent. It means it can be easily transferred from one dedicated server to another.

Free Assessment

Other companies charge you for this but we think this is wrong so we take a peek under your hood for free!

What our customers say about us.

We’re a team of ever-ready, ever responsible and always cooperative experts who symbolize Super Support.


Richard Young

"I work with them for a long time and the cavity is satisfied with the service. Everything suits me. Support works well to communicate instantly go. Decide your questions quickly and correctly. We can say - this is the second head. If he can not think of - hosting supportistration help."


Samantha Oliver

"Onlinebizzsuccess is a qualified customer support, excellent service, excellent support staff! Decide with us any questions and explain everything properly, if something is not clear. Responsive support, excellent technicians and professionals."


Johnathan Phillips

"Long time use hosting on the recommendation of friends. Great offer at a low cost and high reliability servers. A support at the highest level, meet immediately at any time and try to do everything to help the user. The speed of the stable sites. "

Our partners.

Companies connect with us because they trust us – with their partners, customers and most importantly, their reputation.